HG Vinyl Gloss Remover 1L

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HG vinyl & linoleum gloss coating remover removes HG gloss coating but also other wax layers and stubborn dirt from vinyl and linoleum. HG vinyl & linoleum gloss coating remover is self-acting meaning heavy scrubbing is not necessary. In addition, it is low-lathering so that it can also be used with a (scrubbing) machine. For severe dirt build up of dirt on vinyl, dilute HG vinyl & gloss coating remover 1:10 with luke warm water. On less dirty surfaces, dilute 1:20. Always dilute 1:20 for linoleum. When using a scrubbing machine, dilute 1 to 50 or 1 to 100 depending on the degree of staining. Apply HG vinyl & linoleum gloss coating remover liberally and spread with a scrubbing brush and then allow 5-10 minutes for it to work. Do not allow the floor to dry. Scrub and mop the floor, rinsing the mop regularly in clean water.
Pack Size6 x 1L
AreaFloor Care
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