HG Terracotta Shine Seal 1L

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HG terracotta shine seal protects the untreated terra cotta against severe dirt build up and stains. In addition to this, the floor gets a gloss and a protective coating through the treatment. This coating is very durable, easy to maintain and is impervious to household chemicals. Highly absorbent terra cotta must be treated beforehand with HG impregnator. HG cotto shine seal should be applied neat onto a clean and dry floor. Wrap a dry, non fluffy cloth around a floor wiper. Then put a little HG cotto shine seal on the cloth and apply in one direction. Never apply HG cotto shine seal directly onto the floor. When several coats are to be applied, first allow the previous coat to dry. Always apply coats at right angles to eachother. Apply as many coats as necessary to achieve a smooth, shining finish.
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AreaFloor Care

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